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Business transactions can be complex. Protect your interest!

Corporate & Business Law Assistance

,Peck and Associates has over 30 years in providing legal services to businesses in Petoskey and throughout the United States. This has included advising businesses on legal matters related to their operations and transactions, drafting and reviewing legal documents such as contracts and agreements, and representing businesses in legal disputes or negotiations.

Petoskey Business Lawyer,  Lyle A. Peck has also provided guidance on compliance with laws and regulations that affect businesses, such as labor laws, tax laws, and securities laws, assisting with the formation, registration and dissolution of corporations, partnerships and other business entities

If you need legal help with complex mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions,  call our law firm today.

What are the advantages
to hiring a business attorney?

There are several advantages to hiring a business attorney, including:

  1. Legal expertise: A business attorney has a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that pertain to businesses and can provide guidance on how to comply with them.
  2. Risk management: An attorney can help identify potential legal issues and provide strategies for managing and reducing risk.
  3. Contract review: A business attorney can review and draft contracts and agreements, ensuring that they are legally sound and protect the interests of the business.
  4. Dispute resolution: In the event of a legal dispute, a business attorney can represent the company in negotiations and in court.
  5. Compliance: An attorney can help a business stay compliant with laws and regulations, which can prevent fines, penalties and other legal action.

Attorney Lyle A. Peck will help guide in making better informed decisions, to make sure your business is on the right side of the law.

Our Business Law Services

  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Selecting and creating business entities
  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution
  • Business litigation
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Management agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Contract law
  • Dissolution
  • Acquisition / Merger
  • Complex business litigation, including liability
  • Banking
  • Medical institutions
  • White collar criminal defense

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